Asian Cooking Course

Dear fellow cooking enthusiast,

My name is Kwan. I am a food enthusiast who likes Asian cooking. At the same time, I own a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and work in the kitchen every day.

I understand that may people like Asian cooking, but they may not familiar with the technique and the method to prepare in an authentic manner. Therefore, I have prepared this basic Asian cooking course particularly focus on the stir-fried technique, which is the core techniques that everyone should master if they want to excel in Asian cooking.

Being a native Asian who cook professionally in Asia, I am glad that to be able to share with you the knowledge I have in Asian cooking. It is FREE.

Enjoy the course.

What Others Are Saying …

Asian cooking

Sarah is extremely happy with the result

“After my recent visit to Malaysia where I felt in love with the authentic Malaysian food that was available for me. It was nothing like what I had experienced in America. When I returned was eager get the recipes myself. I could find a cook book that was not only affordable but simple and easy to follow. I was so happy I got this eBook. The steps were extremely easy to follow and I love the detail provided about the ingredients. I feel like such a pro now. Thank you so much!”

Sarah, USA

Michele enjoys cooking different meals from different countries

“Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. I enjoy cooking different meals from different countries exploring cuisine’s from around the world.
Your instructions are clear and direct. We are not always able to get all the ingredients in SA and would appreciate some substitutes where possible”

Michele, Australia